September 9, 2010

September New Moon in Virgo

We are still in the energy of the dark moon, which was perfectly dark in Virgo yesterday morning, Wednesday, September 8th.

If we notice our own internal rhythm, we might notice ourselves feeling more inward and quiet when the moon is dark. It isn't a time to push full speed ahead, especially with Mercury retrograde right now. This is a time to be introspective.

It is also the ideal time to put your manifestation list together, to write down what you want so it can more easily come to you. Each new moon is an opportunity to focus your thoughts on what you'd like to see more of in your life. It is a time of renewal, of new beginnings.

Write these down: how do you want to feel in relationships? How do you want to feel each morning when you wake up and think about the day ahead? What is the feeling you most want to embrace in your life? How do you want to feel about yourself and your role in this world? This new moon is a time to align with more of what feeds your soul.

Once you have your list written (alternatively, you can draw or paint it) do whatever you want with it, but do not fret over it. Release it, knowing you are now in closer alignment with how you want to feel each day, and that this will increase as the moon grows brighter.

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