September 9, 2010

Mercury Retrogrades while Mars and Venus Dance

Appearing to go backward in the sky, Mercury is now on its retrograde path until the 12th of September. Most of you will remember that I encourage you to take a rest during Mercury retrograde. It is a time when the mind wants to meditate, renew, relax, refresh, recuperate, rejuvenate.

The mind of everyone is ruled by Mercury, thus everyone's mind is affected by the energy of its apparent backward motion. Continuing on the same forward push as usual during this time period will often result in frustration and delays.

And what about those of us born with Mercury retro? This group thinks a little differently, sees things from a different perspective, the mind not working in the usual manner. Things are learned and communicated in ways not always understood by the larger group. What if school teachers and parents knew these things about their children? Do you know where your own Mercury is in your chart? It reveals a lot about your learning and communication style.

I like to check where Mercury is retrograde in the birth chart to see what area of your life is under review. I know many of you have seen my blog post from last year on Mercury retrograde, but if you are new to my muse-letter, you can read it here:

In a not-so-common occurrence, Mars and Venus have been paired together in the sky, moving in tandem, at times being seen plainly by the naked eye.

I believe they came together at the perfect moment this summer, as feminine and masculine energies strive to become balanced within ourselves and on the planet.

Venus moved into Scorpio yesterday morning, and Mars follows her next week. Perhaps it is only right that this goddess lead the way into Scorpio's dark underworld.

And of significance as well, Venus will turn retrograde in Scorpio on October 8th. Wherever this occurs in your chart will indicate a place of review, perhaps something new coming in. You'll find another piece to a puzzle you've worked on during your lifetime going back in 8 year blocks.

Until November 18th, Venus will ask you to look more closely at yourself, how you associate with others in relationship to your own values. The theme of this last came up in 2002, 1994, 1986, 1978...

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