October 8, 2012

Let's Go to My New Venues!

Hello! I've begun a new blog and I'd like to help you find it.

If you go to my website www.christinagrant.com and click on "Holistic Woman Blog" on the menu, you'll get there.

Or, go straight to www.holisticwoman.org. You can "Subscribe" to receive my blog updates via email if you'd like, or just return frequently to see the latest.

I'll no longer be posting anew on this site. See you over at the new place!

October 2, 2012

Change of Venue Coming Soon

Hello! You can see I haven't posted recently on this blog. I've been setting up a new Dr Grant Holistic blog which will have shorter, but informative posts about holistic healing. It's almost ready and as soon as it's live, I'll post the link to it here.

I've been working on my book, and it's off being read by my "readers" so I can get important feedback before I send it off to the publisher. This book is for women who want a holistic approach to healing breast cancer. I've been researching holistic cancer prevention for over 20 years, and my book is also perfect for women who want to be pro-active in prevention of breast disease.

I'm setting up a second blog, too! It is oriented to women who want to live a more holistic life, and perhaps heal from dis-ease or disharmony in their body, mind, or spirit. I'm very excited about this new blog. So come back shortly to get the links to my new blogs. I expect both blogs to be live by the end of the week!

July 17, 2012

Dog Scoop

If you're a newcomer scheduling an in-person appointment, know that I have a dog - a large, rambunctious Labrador/German Shepherd - 5 years old. When you arrive he will greet you in a very exuberant manner, giving you a thorough sniffing, possibly stealing a kiss on your lips (especially if you're a gorgeous blond... go figure), but never will he let you by without checking you out first.

I used to be very concerned about how this might seem to the people who come to see me. I worked continually with my boy, spending more money and time on training him than I can reveal. And here is the bottom line. He's not going to be better trained at the door. This is it.

But he's wonderful and smart and loving and lives every moment as if life really matters. I just advise you don't wear your Sunday best. Be comfortable and ready to receive a big lovable greeting. It lasts about 60 seconds and if you let yourself, you'll feel happier afterward. All this enthusiasm at the door is followed by a dog nap with occasional snoring while you and I have our session time.

Love me, love my dog. It's like that around here.