January 12, 2010

Encourage Healthy Breasts with Self Breast Massage

Breast cancer and how to prevent it is a concern for us all. I've noticed there is very little focus on what we can do to help prevent it. Rather the focus is on finding a cure by funding pharmaceutical companies. I hope someday a cure is actually revealed, but in the meantime, let's talk about the things you can do for yourself so you can actively contribute to your own health and well-being.

One topic I never hear discussed in the media is stagnation in the breast tissue. The people that discuss this are those well-educated in Chinese Medicine. These folks are few, but I can help get the word out on their behalf, and so can you.

Stagnation in the breast tissue can occur when there is little movement in and around the breasts. Various factors can contribute to it, many of which we don't ordinarily consider. For example, did you know that breast tissue collects debris and toxins from cosmetics, including deodorant and antiperspirant? Other culprits are calcium deposits, scar tissue from trauma, tight chest, neck, and back muscles, the side effects of radiation exposure, and sluggish qi flow, or "energy.” Each of these can reduce the healthy flow of blood and lymph through your breasts. They can also create low levels of oxygen in breast tissue.

Oxygen in our breast tissue is an important consideration. Cancer cells tend to collect around dead cells and areas with little oxygen. They don’t survive in a highly-oxygenated environment. To encourage healthier breast tissue, it is wise to get movement through the breasts and motion through sluggish tissue.

One way to encourage this movement is with breast massage. I think this can be done instead of your monthly self-exam. Is the current way women are taught to examine their breasts ideal? Searching for cancer and suspicious lumps is not where I want to focus my mind. For many women it triggers fear. That can't be helpful. When you do self-massage you become aware of the landscape of your breasts and how your breasts feel under the surface. If there is any change to what you know to be normal for yourself, you will know right away and can have it checked.

Weekly breast massage is a nurturing, sensible approach to breast health. It is done with the intention of healing and helps you become familiar with the landscape of your breasts. I believe this is a more effective way to keep aware of your body, rather than the approach of searching for unusual lumps.

There is a massage technique from Medical Qi Gong that is said to break the cycle of disease in the breasts as well as move the tissue and prevent it from stagnating. This is to simply massage both breasts in a circular manner 36 times inward followed by 36 times outward. This technique is further explained and demonstrated in a video called "Medical Qi Gong for Breast Health" by Jerry Alan Johnson, which can be found online.

I recommend using a breast balm or oil in your weekly massage. "Breast Balm" by MoonMaidBotanicals is designed for breast massage and contains poke root and calendula-infused organic olive oil with St. John’s Wort and cedar. These herbs are known to give relief to breast swelling and lumps. You can inquire about it at your natural food store or order it online. Meanwhile, I hope you will familiarize yourself with this very simple way to keep your own breast tissue flowing, fluid, and healthy.


  1. Excellent advice, Christina. I'm so glad to now find your blog. I will be reading it regularly. Hope all is well and I appreciate having you now in my life. Much love, Kristie

  2. Excellent advice Christina!!! Keep up the good work!!