September 1, 2009

Vaccines: Think For Yourself

As a holistic healer and adviser to people who want to achieve greater wellbeing, inner balance, harmonious relationships, and prosperity, I keep an eye on those things in our lifestyles that prevent us from attaining these goals. I observe how the public is manipulated into poor health, negative attitudes, and mass hysteria through hype and fear tactics. On the one hand it is fascinating. On the other, it’s simply frustrating.

When I was about to enter university, my brother said to me, “The most important thing you can get from your education is the ability to think.” I already know how to think, I said to myself. But as I continued with my education I realized he was right. I was learning how to think critically, and think about things separately and independently from mass thought forms. I believe we all have the ability to do this, and I think it is an important goal lest we become (or remain) mere sheep routinely rounded up by the shepherding dog.

Americans pride themselves on independent thought, but from what I can see, we are generally unaware of how manipulated our thinking is. Let’s take vaccinations as an example. Do you, as a parent (of a child or animal) consider whether all the mandated vaccines are necessary? If you ask your doctor, you will be sent to join the flock of sheep because doctors and veterinarians, unless they are holistic, will convince you that numerous vaccines are required and necessary. We have placed doctors up on high pedestals and made them our gods, but can they be impartial when their Mercedes Benz is partly funded by your agreement to support the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry to which they are wed?

It’s a controversial subject to be sure. Therefore, many of us don’t question it. We just follow along, believing what we are told. But in the case of vaccinations, we are not told the truth as to whether companies that produce the vaccines are protected against lawsuits stemming from negative reactions to childhood vaccines. We are not told that some new vaccines are not adequately researched before tried out on the public. This is one way for drug companies to avoid being accused of wrongdoing. If they didn’t know the negative effects of a vaccine, how can they be held responsible? Further, we are typically not informed that companies, such as GlaxoSmithKline which is frantically developing a vaccine against swine flu, have the potential to earn billions of dollars each year through mass vaccination programs. And we aren’t told that mandatory vaccinations are best because that insures their continued profitability.

Both animals and humans are over-vaccinated. Reported side effects range from immune system dysfunction to brain complications to behavioral issues. So how do we know which vaccines to agree to and which to avoid? By using common sense. For example, do we need to continue the polio vaccination? At one time it might have served a great purpose. Is it necessary now? Do we need a flu vaccine when the flu can be prevented by natural and ordinary means? Do our dogs and cats need continual boosters when their blood shows they already carry the antibodies against a particular disease? Do we need any vaccine that prevents a disease that we can prevent ourselves? And furthermore, do we want to agree to be given an injection with known side-effects because a few people who get the ailment die every year from it? If so, then would we also vaccinate ourselves against driving a car? More people die from that every year than we can count.

I am not advocating you avoid vaccines for yourself, your children, or your animals. I recommend you educate yourself first and use sound judgment. Educating yourself means you listen to and weigh the pros and cons of both arguments - for and against vaccinating. Since most people believe vaccines are good for all of us, I leave you with a website that offers another perspective on them, including the upcoming Swine Flu vaccine and the newly popular Guardasil promoted to young girls. Visit the website of the National Vaccine Information Center at

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