October 4, 2008

Growth Spurt

We remain in the very middle of a growth spurt. Remember junior high when everyone was becoming, growing, surging, turning inward, looking outward, despairing?

This is where we find ourselves again. Moving through an awkward stage where the past is gone and the new, more mature self is not yet formed. We are caught in that squirm-filled space of no longer and not yet.

As a result, many people are experiencing fear and anxiety. Not necessarily because they, or even you, wise old soul, feel afraid, but because everyone around you speaks with a sense of foreboding. This talk grips a tiny part of the ego (the less wise, but more amusing self) and yells into your ear that you might lose something.

Lose something we might, but for each of us, the best bet is to come into a place of balance. To once again take steps to be centered, calm the mind, and live in the present moment.

Today, because you are a beacon of light and what you do and feel affects us all, I call on you to access your wise old soul and put the sage back at the head of the table.

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