September 27, 2008

Election Time: Change or Chaos?

In Greek mythology, chaos refers to the original state of things, "the gaping void" of space before the gods arrived on the scene. It seems that in any time of change there is at least a momentary "gaping void" whereby the new order of things is uncertain - not yet fully formed.

Expect more changes and surprises in the coming weeks. More revelations and discoveries. We are in a time when it is getting more difficult for our leaders to hide things from the public eye.

In our skies currently, the planet of sudden, unexpected change heralding the new (Uranus) opposes the planet of old-school, conservative, tradition (Saturn). This means that these two energies are facing off, having sword play, and it is uncertain who will win.

Because we are in such a state of rapid evolutionary growth and change anyway, it makes sense that the new and improved would trump the old establishment. Enter the new VP running mate who came in suddenly, unexpectedly, now representing change. Saturn (McCain) pulled in Uranus (Palin) to help him succeed. But on the other side Uranus (Obama) had already pulled in Saturn (Biden) to help him succeed. Do you see how that works? Too much new (change) is unsettling to the public. Too much conservative tradition will lose this time.

Watch these energies play out over the next couple of months. We will see more unexpected things happening as we move into October. We have chaos and change. We have entered the dark void. No turning back. Can you discern what is truly new and what is an illusion of new?

In October, Saturn and Uranus face off more directly. On election day, the two will be in exact aspect (direct opposition) for the first time since the mid-60's. That era produced the Beatles lyrics, "You say you want a revolution, well, you know, we all want to change the world." But the world will change for us, and that is what it is doing now.

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