June 6, 2007

Life Transitions, Pluto, and the North Node

This question came to my email, and I post it here with permission.

"I have a quick question for you. I embarked on a 'major purge' this week in preparation for clearing the decks for Mercury Retrograde. This morning I shook, felt chills, and burst into tears when I found a post-it note from one of our sessions:

March 30, 2007 Pluto on North Node Pluto "square" ACS & Moon
Jan 4, 2006 Pluto into 4th house (will go back & forth)

Christina, March 30th, 2007 was a day I will never forget. The events of this one day changed my life forever. What was the significance of the aspect you predicted? You have no idea how important this is to me in the growth work I am doing now.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to clarify." GB

It is a joy to hear from you, though I imagine you are going through some major changes in your life that feel uncomfortable.

Pluto on your North Node will get you onto your soul's path, even if it has to drag you there. It's a good time to let go of whatever you know needs to be let go of (you will know) and to allow the new to come in. Pluto rules transformation - death and rebirth. Once the old dies away, often with much grief, there is a beautiful rebirth and life changes in new ways that we could never have imagined.

Now, with Pluto square your Ascendant and Moon, that would indicate a challenge in terms of changes needing to be made in the way you respond emotionally to life (the moon) and also in your outer image in the world (the ascendant or "rising" sign). You are undergoing deep transformations that will help you put yourself out in the world in a much more comfortable and "higher" way.

It's all great stuff, however when it's happening it can be shocking at times. You can rest assured that you are being taken to a place of higher awareness and that your life will be improved as a result of these transits.

PS Pluto into the 4th has to do with your home life and also your inner home - your inner foundations. You might move during this transit or clear out all old "junk" to make room for the new, whatever that may be.


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