June 15, 2007

Health Connections Radio Program Signs Off

Yesterday Gina Renee and I did our final Health Connections radio program. For over 2 years we chatted over the airwaves and had fun doing it. I can't explain precisely why I was ready to complete my run with the program, but I do know I've got more writing to do and it's time to focus more attention on that.

Meanwhile, Gina Renee is off and running with the sequel to Health Connections. She will continue on the air with her own program called Health Talk with Gina Renee. This will continue in the same time slot: Thursdays, 4:05pm PST on http://www.knry.com/ or, locally in Monterey and Santa Cruz counties on AM1240 KNRY.

On my end, as soon as this gap came in my time, instead of getting right down to putting pen to paper, I began to research getting a puppy. A Golden Retriever. Then a Goldendoodle. I wake up in the morning with visions of Goldendoodles.

I am assured the puppy will sleep or rest quietly while I conduct my telephone healing sessions, as long as it gets some vigorous play time beforehand. Hmmm...

All of this comes as a surprise mostly to myself, as I have forever been a cat person, loving the sleek style and independent, aloof attitude of a feline. Consequently, I have been contemplating this sudden, not change-of-heart, but rather opening-of-heart.

Could it be this opening is what will allow in the unbounded, unbridled, unconditional love and spirit of a dog? And then, could it be that I will allow it in from everywhere? From everyone? I am thinking so. Yes, I think so. It's time.

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